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Focused on design, development and assembly of manufacturing processes.

Over 100 years of Regulated Manufacturing Experience

Able to lead your organization to the perfect balance of requirements and efficiency in a regulated industry environment.

Lean Minded

Simple and fundamental. Flow minded.  Organizing the activity and tools of the machine operator for maximum efficiency.

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Automation Engineers

Equipment Design and Build

Providing Engineering Services - Specializing in manufacturing equipment for medical manufacturing OEM's.  Designs that are capable of easily moving in and out of a standard 36" door that are wash down capable with full CNC capability.  Specialized processes are mapped and needs understood.  Robust and simple solutions for your unique manufacturing process equipment needs.

The Process Doctors

We solve your manufacturing problems in a real world way from the inside out.  Specializing in machining strategies for typical medical device OEM materials such as titanium alloys, high nickel alloys, UHMWPE, and stainless steels.  Deep hole drilling down to 1.2mm sizes, Burr free machining of alloys.  Stable Six Sigma capable processes.

Manufacturing Management Intelligence

"See it, Change it, Lean it"  When we walk into a factory and look at a value stream, we see it holistically.  We believe that value streams should be evaluated with consideration of the management system, planning system as well as the details at the process.  

Design Assistance

Design for manufacturability, with consideration of Minimum Viable Product (MVP).  Design review with consideration of proper use of GD&T that will allow functional verification of product at the machine in the simplest ways.


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